Regressions: Change in Sleep Problem Score for Each Additional Hour of Media Use

Model 1Model 2Model 3Model 4Model 5Model 6Model 7
Total time0.244a
Day time0.107
Evening time0.819a0.743a0.722a
Nonviolent day time0.0160.0220.0070.0150.012
Violent day time0.393b0.398b
Nonviolent evening time0.839c
Violent evening time0.818b
Violent day with adult co-use0.377c
Violent day alone0.457
Evening with adult co-use0.933b
Evening without adult0.607c
Violent day, no bedroom television0.2990.304c
Violent day with bedroom television0.796b0.773b
Evening, no bedroom television0.729b
Evening with bedroom television0.667c
Adjusted R20.09360.10790.11410.11550.11380.11570.1178
  • — indicates that the variable was not included in this model iteration.

  • a P < .001.

  • b P < .01.

  • c P < .05.