Final Regression Model

Change in Sleep Score95% CIP
Each additional hour of nonviolent daytime media time0.022−0.186 to 0.229.84
Each additional hour of violent daytime media time0.3980.121 to 0.676<.01
Each additional hour of evening media time0.7430.373 to 1.114<.001
Responding parent is mother−0.399−0.706 to −0.091.01
Female0.170−0.037 to 0.377.11
Low-income household0.3380.054 to 0.622.02
Single-adult household0.6110.174 to 1.048<.01
SCBE externalizing score0.0390.018 to 0.061<.001
SCBE internalizing score0.0250.002 to 0.048.04