Characteristics of Children With Asthma Hospitalized With Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza, EIP Surveillance for Influenza-Associated Hospitalizations, 2003–2009 (N = 1434)

2003–20042004–20052005–20062006–20072007–20082008–20092009 Pandemic
Total EIP cases aged ≥2 y5363133062323863921660
EIP cases aged ≥2 y with asthma184349530105346327125321293373344
    Median age, y7765657
    No other underlying conditiona153836771726940639072856654074
    Received seasonal influenza vaccineb66/1624144/855231/863624/534540/1123656/12146131/507c26
    Median length of stay, d3433333
    Received antiviral treatmentd48/1004824/524635/655417/414136/804520/6829408/46388
    Had a chest radiograph15685768089856095107861098462886
    ICD-9 diagnosis of pneumoniae57/1493830/734133/863827/584744/1034338/10636276/60346
    ICU admission32171314161515241613211615822
    Respiratory failuref42445571154119355
    Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation01<11<100051
  • a Of the following underlying conditions: cardiovascular disease; chronic lung disease; chronic metabolic disease; febrile seizures; hemoglobinopathies; immunosuppression; neurologic disorders, including cerebral palsy and seizure disorders; and pregnancy.

  • b At least 1 dose.

  • c Of patients admitted after August 31, 2009, when seasonal influenza vaccine became available.

  • d Of patients admitted within 2 days of symptom onset.

  • e Of children who had chest radiographs during their hospitalizations and had available ICD-9 code data.

  • f Defined as requiring mechanical ventilation.