Pediatric MET Triggers

AgeSystolic BP, mm HgBradycardia, beats per minTachycardia, beats per minTachypnea, breaths per min
Term to 3 mo<50<100>180>60
4–12 mo<60<100>180>50
1–4 y<70<90>160>40
5–12 y<80<80>140>40
>12 y<90<60>130>30
  • Saturation <90%; saturation <60% in cyanotic heart disease (any amount of oxygen); acute drop in the Glasgow Coma Score by >2 points; seizures; HCP or family member concern.

  • Data source: Tibballs J, Kinney S, Duke T, Oakley E, Hennessy M. Arch Dis Child. 2005;90(11):1148–1152.