Odds of Failure of the ELA Component of the First-Grade CRCT

CovariateCrude estimateAdjusted estimate SGA = 0aAdjusted estimate SGA = 1a
cOR95% CIcOR95% CIcOR95% CI
Gestational age category
 20–28 wk2.702.38–3.072.452.14–2.805.432.73–10.8
 29–33 wk1.591.49–1.691.351.26–1.451.611.34–1.94
 34–36 wk1.231.22–1.301.151.11––1.29
 37–41 wk1.0Reference1.00Reference1.00Reference
 42+ wk1.071.02––1.150.980.85–1.14
Maternal age category
 10–14 y2.382.09–2.710.840.73–0.96
 15–17 y1.951.87–2.030.790.76–0.83
 18–19 y1.741.68–1.790.950.91–0.98
 20–24 y1.511.47–1.551.041.02–1.07
 25–29 y1.00ref1.00ref
 30–34 y0.730.71–0.760.920.89–0.95
 35–39 y0.740.79–0.780.930.89–0.97
 40+ yr0.860.79–0.941.000.92–1.10
Maternal education
 Less than high school8.418.06–8.776.766.45–7.09
 High school or GED4.814.61–5.023.953.78–4.13
 1–3 y postsecondary2.702.57–2.832.82.17–2.39
 4+ yrs postsecondary1.00Reference1.0Reference
Child race/ethnicity
 Non-Hispanic white1.00Reference1.00Reference
 Non-Hispanic black2.352.30–2.401.931.89–1.98
 Hispanic any race2.992.90–3.081.831.77–1.89
Child gender
  • AGA, appropriate for gestational age; cOR, crude odds ratio; GED, general equivalency diploma; LGA, large for gestational age.

  • a Logistic model containing gestational age, maternal age, maternal education, child race/ethnicity, child gender, and an interaction term between gestational age and SGA versus LGA/AGA status (AIC = 251 324, pseudo = R2 = 12.97%).