Action Statement Profile KAS 3

Aggregate evidence qualityD (expert opinion and studies in children with T1DM and in adults with T2DM; no studies have been performed in children and adolescents with T2DM).
BenefitDiminishing the risk of progression of disease and deterioration resulting in hospitalization; prevention of microvascular complications of T2DM.
HarmPotential for hypoglycemia from overintensifying treatment to reach HbA1c target goals; cost of frequent testing and medical consultation; possible patient discomfort.
Benefits-harms assessmentPreponderance of benefits over harms.
Value judgmentsRecommendation dictated by widely accepted standards of diabetic care.
Role of patient preferencesMinimal; recommendation dictated by widely accepted standards of diabetic care.
Intentional vaguenessIntentional vagueness in the recommendation as far as setting goals and intensifying treatment attributable to limited evidence.
Policy levelOption.