Action Statement Profile KAS 5

Aggregate evidence qualityD (expert opinion).
BenefitPromotes weight loss; improves insulin sensitivity; contributes to glycemic control; prevents worsening of disease; facilitates a sense of well-being; and improves cardiovascular health.
HarmCosts of nutrition counseling; inadequate reimbursement of clinicians’ time; lost opportunity costs vis-a-vis time and resources spent in other counseling activities.
Benefits-harms assessmentBenefit over harm.
Value judgmentsThere is a broad societal agreement on the benefits of dietary recommendations.
Role of patient preferenceDominant. Patients may have different preferences for how they wish to receive assistance in managing their weight-loss goals. Some patients may prefer a referral to a nutritionist while others might prefer accessing online sources of help. Patient preference should play a significant role in determining an appropriate weight-loss strategy.
Intentional vaguenessIntentional vagueness in the recommendation about specific approaches attributable to lack of evidence and the need to individualize treatment.
Policy levelOption.