Examples of Interview Questions

SymptomQuestion examples
Rage outbursts“Do you lose your temper?” If so, ask about frequency, duration, what happens, what the triggers are.
Episodes of requiring little sleep“Do you ever have nights when you have lots of energy, do not need to sleep much, and do lots of things?” If so, “Are you tired the next day?”
Spontaneous mood shifts“Do you find yourself suddenly angry or extremely happy for no apparent reason?” If so, ask about frequency and duration of the moods.
Running away, sneaking out at night, spending money, hypersexuality“Have you even run away or snuck out of the house at night?” “Do you have time when you spend a lot of money or when you feel that you cannot control your sexual urges?”
Grandiosity“Do you have times when you feel that nothing can happen to you?” “Do you have times when you greatly overestimate your talents or abilities?”
Agitation or mania with antidepressant“Have you ever taken medication for depression?” If so, “Did you have any side effects?” “Did you ever become very edgy or much more happy or angry than is typical for you?”