Summary of Costs

ComponentsCost Per Child (BDT)Cost Per Child ($Int)
Anchal intervention costs
 Protective barriers52.441.85
 Pond modification48.001.70
 SwimSafe curriculum
  Community swimming instructor94.793.35
  Master trainer09.263.86
 Social autopsy0.390.01
 Village safety committee1.930.07
 Annual event8.420.30
 National level
  National coordinator14.330.51
  Anchal trainers37.001.31
  Office rental0.550.02
  Project coordinator8.660.31
  Anchal monitoring officer31.711.12
  Finance and admin officer3.370.12
  SwimSafe + Anchal supervisors23.080.82
  Office assistant1.040.04
 Anchal intervention cost1508.0253.29
 Community education86.883.07
 SwimSafe Intervention Cost294.0010.39
 Community educationa35.751.26
  • BDT, Bangladeshi Taka.

  • a SwimSafe children do not participate in all community education programs.