Guidelines for Use of LET (a Topical Anesthetic for Open Wounds)

 • LET can be applied to simple lacerations and may be applied to complex or deeper lacerations that may require supplemental subcutaneous anesthetic administration.
 • Allergy to amide anesthetics
 • Gross contamination of wound
 • LET should be placed according to standard ED procedure; time of placement should be documented on triage sheet
 • Dose: 3 mL for children >17 kg; 0.175 mL/kg in children <17 kga
  (1) Place LET on open wound and cover with occlusive dressing or place cotton ball soaked with LET solution into wound
  (2) Allow LET to soak into wound for 10–20 min or until wound edges appear blanched.
  • LET, lidocaine, epinephrine, and tetracaine.

  • a Based on maximum dose of 5 mg/kg of lidocaine.