Multinomial Logit Model Predicting Level of Inclusivity

1% to 75%>75%
βSEP valueβSEP value
Gender (Male = 1; Female = 0)−−
Race (white: reference category)
 African American0.460.38.220.570.91.53
Family income (<$25 000: reference category)
 $25 000–$50 0000.140.43.750.530.66.42
 >$50 0000.300.41.470.630.71.38
Parental education (high school graduate or less: reference category)
 Some college/Associate’s degree−0.480.38.20−0.350.76.64
 Bachelor’s degree or higher−0.360.38.350.270.58.64
Received disciplinary action during the current school year0.640.38.090.660.47.16
Grades (Mostly As and Bs: reference category)
 Mostly Bs and Cs−
 Mostly Cs and below0.000.501.00−0.510.65.44
No. of times youth has changed schools0.290.28.30−
No. of days youth was absent in a month−
Functional cognitive skills (Range 4–16)−−
No. of domains influenced by disability (Range 0–7)−−
Social skill scale (Range 0–18)
Direct assessment1.
Rating of persistence at tasks0.020.22.930.020.27.95
Age disability diagnosed0.030.08.74−
Family support for education at home0.
Family support for education at school−
  • Note: 0% is the reference category.