Prevalence of OSAS on the Basis of Ambulatory Monitoring

SourceYearNo.No. Undergoing Ambulatory MonitoringCountryAge, yOSAS Prevalence, %HS PrevalenceOSAS Criteria and Comments
Castronovo et al142003595265Italy3–61234.5%OAI ≥5
or “Always”
Goodwin et al152005480AllUnited States6–112410.5%RDI ≥1
“Frequently”↑ in male
Not ↑ in obese
Hultcrantz and Löfstrand Tideström205200939326Sweden120.86.9%AHI ≥1 and/
“Regularly”or OAI ≥1
Rosen et al192003850AllUnited States8–112.2AHI ≥5 or OAI ≥1
↑ in AA
↑ in premature infants
Sánchez-Armengol et al182001101AllSpain12–161.914.8%Based on RDI ≥10 and snoring, witnessed apneas, and/or excessive daytime sleepiness.
“Often”Girls = boys
Urschitz et al20620101144183Germany7.3–12.42.8AHI ≥1
  • OAI, obstructive apnea index; AA, African American.