Prevalence of HS

SourceYearNo.CountryAge, yHS Prevalence, %HS Criteria
Akcay et al20720061784Turkey4–174.1“Often”
Alexopoulos et al20820061821Greece5–147.4>3 times/wk
Archbold et al20920021038United States2–13.917.1”More than half of the time”
Bidad et al16720062900Iran11–177.9≥3 times/wk
Chng et al210200411 114Singapore4–76.0>3 times/wk
Corbo et al16620012209Italy10–155.6“Often”
Ersu et al21120042147Turkey5–137.0“Often”
Goodwin et al21220031494United States4–1110.5“Snoring frequently or almost always”
Gottlieb et al21320033019United States512≥3 times/week
Johnson and Roth4520061014United States13–166“Every or nearly every night”
Kuehni et al21420086811United Kingdom1–47.9“Almost always”
Liu et al2152005517 in ChinaChinaGrade school1.5 (China)Snoring loudly 5–7 times/wk
494 in USAUnited States9.9 (United States)
Liu et al21520055979China2–125.6“Frequent”
Löfstrand-Tideström and Hultcrantz2162007509Sweden4–65.3–6.9“Snoring every night”
Lu et al2172003974Australia2–510.5≥4 times/week
Montgomery–Downs et al4420031010United StatesPreschoolHS and risk of SDB, 22≥3 times/week
Nelson and Kulnis2182001405United States6–1717“Often”
Ng et al21920053047China6–1210.96–7 times/wk
Perez-Chada et al22020072210Argentina9–179“Frequent”
Petry et al2212008998Brazil9–1427.6“Frequently” or “always”
Sahin et al22220091164Turkey7–133.5“Frequently” or “almost every day”
Sogut et al1620051030Turkey12–174.0“Often” or “always”
Tafur et al2232009806Ecuador6–1215.1“Often” or “always”
Urschitz et al16420041144GermanyPrimary school9.6“Always” or “frequently”
Zhang et al2242004996Australia4–1215.2>4 times/wk