BP Definitions in the Fourth Report and the 2017 CPG

Fourth Report2CPG1
Children Aged 1–13 yaChildren Aged ≥13 y
Normal BP<90th percentileb<90th percentile<120/<80 mm Hg
Elevated BP≥90–<95th percentile≥90th–<95th percentile120/<80–129/<80 mm Hg
≥120/80 in adolescents
Stage 1 hypertension≥95th–<99th percentile + 5 mm Hg≥95th–<95th percentile + 12 mm Hg130/80–139/89 mm Hg
Stage 2 hypertension≥99th percentile + 5 mm Hg≥95th percentile + 12 mm Hg≥140/90 mm Hg
  • a If BP values exceed criteria used for children aged ≥13 y, then those corresponding cutoffs are used.

  • b All percentiles are age, sex, and height matched. Of note, new reference tables derived from only lean subjects were included in the CPG.