Structural and Functional Cardiac Abnormalities in Children Who Have OSAS

Left-sided cardiac dysfunction
 Amin et al247III28 OSASAbnormalities of LV geometry in 39% of OSAS vs 15% of PS; OSAS associated with increased LV mass
19 PS
 Amin et al248III48 OSASDose-dependent decrease in LV diastolic function with increased severity of SDB
15 PS
Right-sided cardiac dysfunction
 Duman et al249III21 children, ATH; 21 controlsHigher RV myocardial performance index in patient with adenotonsillar hypertrophy than in controls; this decreased significantly after AT, along with symptoms of OSAS
 Ugur et al250III29 OSASImproved RV diastolic function after AT, with postoperative values similar to controls
26 PS
Biventricular cardiac dysfunction
 James et al59IV271Case review of ECG and chest radiography results found only 1 case of cardiac failure, which occurred in a child who had congenital heart disease; most other cases showed no abnormalities
 Weber et al251III30 OSASIncreased RV diameter and area during both systole and diastole; reduced LV diastolic diameter and ejection fraction
10 controls
  • ATH, adenotonsillar hypertrophy; LV, left ventricle; PS, primary snoring; RV, right ventricle.