Association of Any Antibiotic Prescription With JIA

VariableNExposedUnadjusted ORAdjusted ORa95% CIP
Primary model1672
 Any antibiotic prescriptionJIA 1521332.42.11.2–3.5.007
Control 15201147
 Any infectionJIA 1521412.31.80.4–3.4.09
Control 15201297
 Any personal AIDJIA 152435.130.63.4–278.002
Control 15202
Secondary case definitions (any antibiotic prescription)b
 JIA + drug for JIA12212.321.1–3.6.03
JIA 11197
Control 1110843
 JIA + rheumatology referral110032.51.2–6.1.01
JIA 10090
Control 1000763
 JIA + management ≥3 mo12982.421.1–3.7.02
JIA 118104
Control 1180900
 JIA + any secondary definition14742.62.11.2–3.8.01
JIA 134119
Control 13401024
  • a Models adjusted for matching, any infection, and any personal autoimmune disease (AID).

  • b Secondary case definitions used JIA Read code (analogous to International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision/Tenth Revision code) plus either JIA drug prescription (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug, glucocorticoid, or disease-modifying antirheumatic drug), rheumatology referral, or evidence of JIA management after at least 3 months (eg, new JIA drug prescription, contact with a rheumatologist).