CER2 Practice Characteristics

OrganizationSitesNumber of ChildrenEHRMedicaid, %Number of ProvidersRace, %Ethnicity, %Practice Setting
PeRC31412 320Epic4.2%209White: 61.0%Hispanic: 5.5%4 urban
Black: 19.4%27 suburban
Asian: 3.2%
Other or multiplea: 16.4%
MetroHealth33135 215Epic81.7%138White: 31.2%Hispanic: 17.9%26 urban
Black: 47.5%7 suburban
Asian: 1.7%
Other or multiplea: 12.2%
Unknown or declined: 7.4%
Boston Medical Center1853 202Centricity79.0%59White: 11.0%Hispanic: 11.0%18 urban
Black: 45.0%
Asian: 6.0%
Other or multiplea: 21.2%
Unknown or declined: 16.8%
eNQUIRENet65158 773Centricity, NextGen, Allscripts, eCW, eMDs16.8%1467White: 33.7%Hispanic: 27.8%Not availableb
Black: 4.8%
Asian: 1.6%
Unknown or declined: 59.9%
ePROS39291 051Allscripts, Connexin, EHR Scope (EHS), eMDs, GE, Greenway Medical, PCC35.0%102White: 68.0%Hispanic 11.0%9 urban
Black: 22.5%23 suburban
Asian: 5.0%7 rural
Other or multiplea: 2.5%
Unknown or declined: 2.0%
Eskenazi10103 681Regenstrief77.6%42White: 23.1%Hispanic: 11.2%10 urban
Black: 42.0%
Hispanic: 11.2%
Other or multiplea: 3.9%
Unknown or declined: 19.8%
Allied Physicians2691 129CentricityNot availablec102Not availablecNot availablec2 urban
24 suburban
Totals2221 245 37130.9%2119 practitionersWhite: 43.8%Hispanic: 12.6%69 urban
Black: 21.9%81 suburban
Asian: 3.7%7 rural
Other or multiplea: 7.9%65 unknownb
Unknown or declined: 22.7%
  • eCW, eClinicalWorks; GE, General Electric; PCC, Physician's Computer Company.

  • a “Other race” includes Native American/Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and multiple races.

  • b The number of practices in each type of setting was not available.

  • c This information was not routinely captured by practices.