Correlations (Spearman ρ) of the Baseline PSQ Total Scale Score With PSG Measures at Baseline and 7-Month Follow-up After Adenotonsillectomy

PSG VariablesBaselineFollow-up
Spearman ρSpearman ρ
Obstructive AHI.148*.262***
Sleep time (%) with ETco2 values >50 mm Hga.053.051
Arousal index.054.071
Total sleep time, min−.045−.079
% Sleep time, stage N1.011−.101
% Sleep time, stage N2.067−.054
% Sleep time, stage N3.006.075
% Sleep time, stage REM−.131.066
  • N1, non-REM stage 1 sleep; N2, non-REM stage 2 sleep; N3, non-REM stage 3 sleep.

  • a Data missing on ETco2 for 30 participants at baseline and 32 participants at follow-up.

  • * P < .05; *** P ≤ .001.