Patients With Moderate or Major Medical Outcome

AgeReported DoseClinical effectsClinical OutcomeTreatment PerformedDisposition
9 mo1 tabletComa, respiratory depressionMajor effectIV fluids, naloxoneT/R
16 mo2 tabletsDrowsiness/lethargy, dyspnea, pallor, vomitingMajor effectOxygenAdmit to critical care
4 y1 tabletEdema, hives/weltsModerate effectAntihistamines, steroids, IV fluidsT/R
3 y1 tabletDrowsiness/lethargyModerate effectNoneT/R
16 y1 tabletDrowsiness/lethargy, slurred speech, pruritusModerate effectNoneT/R
11 mo50 mgRespiratory depressionModerate effectNoneT/R
1 y1 tabletDrowsiness/lethargyModerate effectNoneT/R
4 y100 mgHallucinations/delusionsModerate effectNoneUnknown
  • IV, intravenous; T/R, treated and released.