Comparisons Between Select Medication Regimens and 3-Day Revisits Among Pediatric Patients Aged 7 to 18 Years Seen in the ED for Migraine and Discharged From the ED Across 35 Academic Children’s Hospitals, 2009–2012

ComparisonnUnadjusted ED Revisit Rate (%)Adjusted ED Revisit Rate (%)aAdjusted Odds of ED Revisita
Prochlorperazine vs metoclopramide
 Metoclopramide63607.47.51.31 (1.11–1.55)
Prochlorperazine vs promethazine
 Promethazine7336.26.41.11 (0.77–1.60)
Dopamine antagonist (any) and diphenhydramine vs dopamine antagonists without diphenhydramine
 Dopamine antagonists without diphenhydramine63575.85.8Referent
 Dopamine antagonists and diphenhydramine69017.37.31.27 (1.07–1.51)
 Prochlorperazine without diphenhydramine28165.45.5Referent
 Prochlorperazine with diphenhydramine30316.36.31.15 (0.91–1.46)
 Metoclopramide without diphenhydramine27016.26.3Referent
 Metoclopramide with diphenhydramine30658.58.61.40 (1.15–1.70)
Dopamine antagonists vs ondansetron
 Dopamine antagonists without ondansetron119726.56.4Referent
 Ondansetron without dopamine antagonists38425.65.80.90 (0.77–1.07)
  • The specified regimens are not necessarily exclusive of other medications.

  • a Adjusted for age, gender, race, insurance status, intravenous fluids, lumbar puncture, cranial computed tomography, cranial magnetic resonance imaging, and SCS score.