Association Between Individual Patient and Nursery Characteristics and TcB – TSB Difference

Hour of age0.06<.001
Gestational age0.03.45
Birth weight−0.0002.10
TcB meter brand JM-103b−0.91<.001
TcB obtained by nurse−0.17.27
Anatomic site assessed
 Both chest and forehead0.70.004
TSB laboratory method
 Neonatal bilirubinRef
 Diazo method0.16.22
 Bilirubin oxidase−0.09.82
African-American raceb1.05<.001
White raceb−0.79<.001
Hispanic ethnicityc−0.32.02
  • a Coefficient and P value determined with regression analysis after controlling for TSB level and nursery size (by quintile) and by accounting for multiple measurements in the same newborn.

  • b TcB brand missing for 27 measurements and race missing for 173 measurements.

  • c Infants for whom ethnicity data were recorded as unknown were classified as non-Hispanic. Data on ethnicity missing for 2 measurements.