Management and Care Received by Transferred Patients

Direct ED Discharge, n = 5645, %Admit <24 h, n = 3887, %Admit >24 h, n = 13 359, %
Medications/IV fluids
 Inhaled medications6.710.318.9
 Topical agent12.531.949.3
 Any oral medication22.757.174.5
 Any IV medication (including fluids)33.975.982.4
  IV fluids11.956.368.0
Work up
 Blood studies17.748.982.5
 Urine studies11.720.338.7
 Radiologic studies
   Plain radiograph33.645.455.9
   Computed tomography7.612.521.2
   Interventional radiology3.810.214.1
 Received 1 or more of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, ondansetron, or a plain radiograph (no other treatments, tests, or procedures)
 No medications, testing, or procedures20.72.70.5
 Procedures by ED physician (Current Procedural Terminology codes)a
   Laceration repair2.81.2<0.1
   Lumbar puncture0.30.90.6
   Abscess drainage0.40.30.1
   Conscious sedation5.51.40.9
  • IV, intravenous.

  • a Because multiple procedures/ Current Procedural Terminology codes can be listed for each encounter, the values listed in the frequency column do not necessarily represent mutually exclusive groups of patients.