Multivariable Median Linear Regression for Increase in Coronary Artery Z Score During Follow-up

PredictorsCoefficients95% CIP
Boy0.01−0.81 to 0.83.98
Age at time of diagnosis in y0.07−0.04 to 0.18.23
Length of fever in d at time of diagnosis−0.03−0.20 to 0.15.75
Corticosteroids−1.31−2.33 to −0.29.012
Infliximab−1.07−1.95 to −0.19.018
Second dose of IVIg0.27−0.55 to 1.08.52
Other immunosuppressive therapies−0.31−1.22 to 0.61.51
Baseline coronary z score0.430.20 to 0.66]<.001
  • CI, confidence interval.