Prevalence of Frequent Night Waking (>3 Times Per Night in the Previous 15 Days) According to Maternal and Infant Characteristics

VariablesFrequent Night Waking, %P
Maternal characteristics
 Family income (quintiles).151
   1 (poorest)19.2
   5 (wealthiest)9.8
 Living with partner.077
 Schooling, y.139
   Up to 421.3
 Maternal age, y.274
 Maternal skin color.031
 Paid work during pregnancy.702
 Smoking during pregnancy.029
 Daily cigarettes during pregnancy.717
 Alcohol consumption.044
 Maternal depression 3 mo postpartum.217
 Heavy consumption first trimester.417
 Heavy consumption second trimester.408
 Heavy consumption third trimester.337
 Heavy consumption 3 mo postpartum (all infants).241
 Heavy consumption whole pregnancy and postpartum (all infants).108
 Heavy consumption 3 mo postpartum (breastfed only).146
 Heavy consumption whole pregnancy and postpartum (breastfed only).114
Infant characteristics
 Maternal bed-sharing.231
 No. of h slept at daytime (tertiles).379