Sensitivity Analysis: Adjusted Regression Coefficients for Lifetime Binge Drinking: Results of the Multilevel Mixed-Effects Linear Regression

Predictorβ95% Confidence intervalP
Exposure to movie alcohol use0.090.06 to 0.13<.001
Exposure to onscreen smoking0.03−0.00 to 0.07NS
Age0.030.02 to 0.04<.001
Gender (0 = male, 1 = female)0.01−0.02 to 0.01NS
Family affluence−0.00−0.01 to 0.01NS
School performance−0.05−0.05 to –0.04<.001
TV screen time−0.00−0.00 to 0.01NS
Sensation seeking/ rebelliousness0.100.10 to 0.11<.001
Peer drinking0.130.12 to 0.14<.001
Mother drinking0.01−0.00 to 0.02NS
Father drinking0.01−0.00 to 0.02NS
Sibling drinking0.050.04 to 0.06<.001
  • Adjusted for all predictor variables named in the table. n = 15 997 students, n = 865 classes, n = 114 schools, n = 6 countries. Country, school, and class as random effects. Analyses were restricted to students who had complete data on all model variables. NS, not significant.