Percentage of Middle and High School Current Smokers Who Reported Riding in a Car With Someone Who Was Smoking During the Past 7 Days, by Year, School Level, Gender, and Race/Ethnicity—NYTS, United States, 2000–2009

n = 6648n = 3834n = 3716n = 3253n = 2685
%(95% CI)b%(95% CI)%(95% CI)%(95% CI)%(95% CI)% Change(95% CI)
Overall82.3(80.7–83.8)82.9(81.1–84.6)80.6(78.6–82.5)79.3(76.9–81.6)75.3(70.4–79.7)−9.3c(−3.5 to −15.1)
School level
 Middle (grades 6–8)80.6(78.1–82.8)82.1(79.1–84.8)76.5(72.8–79.9)77.6(73.0–81.6)75.5(70.5–79.9)−6.8c(−1.2 to −12.4)
 High (grades 9–12)82.9(81.3–84.5)83.4(81.2–85.4)81.9(79.6–84.0)79.8(76.9–82.4)75.4(69.3–80.7)−9.9c(−0.6 to −19.2)
 Girl85.4(83.6–87.0)86.1(84.0–87.9)82.4(79.7–84.8)83.2(80.3–85.8)81.2(76.5–85.2)−5.2c(+0.8 to −11.2)
 Boy79.4(77.4–81.3)80.2(77.6–82.5)78.7(76.1–81.1)75.6(72.3–78.6)70.7(62.5–77.7)−12.3c(−5.0 to −19.6)
 White, non-Hispanic84.5(83.0–86.0)85.4(83.0–87.5)83.9(81.8–85.8)81.2(78.3–83.8)79.2(73.8–83.6)−6.7c(−0.8 to −12.6)
 Black, non-Hispanic76.5(73.1–79.6)72.0(67.1–76.5)70.3(63.4–76.4)69.4(63.5–74.7)70.2(63.2–76.3)−9.0c(+0.3 to −18.3)
 Hispanic74.9(70.1–79.2)78.2(74.3–81.6)70.0(66.0–73.6)75.6(71.6–79.2)66.2(61.0–71.1)−13.1c(−4.6 to −21.6)
 Asian, non-Hispanic75.8(69.3–81.3)84.1(75.1–90.2)75.6(64.1–84.3)78.9(67.0–87.4)73.5(58.3–84.7)−3.1(+15.8 to −22.0)
 AI/AN,d non-Hispanic79.9(69.8–87.2)83.0(67.6–92.0)77.2(61.2–88.0)84.4(64.2–94.2)67.5(46.9–83.0)−18.4(+ 6.4 to −43.2)
 NH/PI,e non-Hispanic81.1(72.0–87.7)68.5(47.2–84.1)88.6(70.8–96.1)73.7(60.7–83.6)72.2(36.7–92.1)−12.3(+25.1 to −49.7)
  • All data presented are weighted to adjust for differential nonresponse and selection.

  • a A “current smoker” was defined as any student who responded “1 to 2 days,” “3 to 4 days,” “5 to 6 days,” or “7 days” to the question, “During the past 7 days, on how many days did you ride in a car with someone who was smoking cigarettes?”

  • b CI, confidence interval.

  • c Significant linear trend between 2000 and 2009 (binary logistic regression, P < .05); adjusted for all other covariates listed in table.

  • d American Indian or Alaska Native.

  • e Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.