The Risk of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in the 1 to 42 Days After Vaccination, for Vaccines Routinely Administered During Childhood and Adolescencea

Vaccine (age group)IRR95% CIPExposed Cases, nUnexposed Cases, n
6 wk to 11 mo2
6 to 23 mo
12 to 19 mo
12 to 23 mo
 Hep A0.
2 to 6 y
 Hep A1.140.343.86.83427
4 to 6 y
7 to 17 y
 Hep A23.143.59149.30.00123
11 to 17 y
  • a For vaccines other than MMR and MMRV, relative risks are shown only for vaccines when not given in conjunction with MMR or MMRV; LAIV is not shown, because there are no vaccine-exposed cases in any age category.

  • b Vaccines for which there are either no exposed or unexposed cases will have no IRR or CI reported.