Parental Opinions and Experiences Regarding Booster Seats by Carpooling Frequency

Carpooling Frequency
Weighted %aP
Attitudes: Agree/Strongly Agree
 Even if there were no laws, I would use a booster seat for my child787068.23
 It is okay for my child to use only a seat belt when they are going on short trips322928.89
 Parent does not correctly identify the age referenced in his or her state’s booster seat law736971.79
 Parent reports his or her child uses a child safety seat in accordance with state law979689.003
 My child always uses a booster seat when I drive his or her friends who do not have booster seatsb3245.01
 Agree/strongly agree it is difficult to make arrangements to have booster seats available for other people’s children363349.02
 I always ask other people to have my child use a booster seat when they are drivingb5464.36
 I always have all 4- to 8-year-old children ride in booster seatsb4952.63
Vehicle Constraints: Agree/Strongly Agree
 Having my child sit in a booster gets in the way of being able to use all the seats in the car181521.049
  • a Percentages represent the percent within each carpooling frequency category.

  • b Questions were asked only of parents who carpool.