Estimated Rates of Mental Health Disorders in Incarcerated Youth From Studies Conducted Between 1995 and 200649,50,52,53

DisorderRate Males %Rate Females %
Any mental health disorder45–6950–81
Any mood disorder6–1913–29
    Major depressive5–1311–22
Any anxiety disordera17–2629–56
    Generalized anxiety2–73–7
    Panic disorder0.3–52–3
    Obsessive compulsive5–86–11
    Separation anxiety disorderb13–2519–33
Any disruptive behaviorc20–4520–51
    Conduct disorder18–3817–41
Any substance abuse26–5122–55
  • All subcategories under the “any” headings are from refs 50, 52, and 53. ADHD indicates attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

  • a Only Teplin et al50 (2002) included “separation anxiety” in the data for the “any anxiety” category.

  • b Separation anxiety disorder subcategory data are from Teplin et al50 (2002) and Wasserman et al53 (2005).

  • c Teplin et al50 (2002) did not include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder under the “any disruptive behavior” category; it was reported as a separate category.