Ancestry, Race, and Number of Foods to Which Individual Was Sensitized

Models With Self-reported RaceModels With Genetic Ancestry
OR (95% CI)POR (95% CI)P
1 or 2 foods
    Self-reported race
        Black2.03 (1.01–4.10).047
        Hispanic1.77 (0.84–3.77).14
        Other2.18 (0.98–4.84).06
    African ancestry1.04 (0.98–1.10).19
≥3 foods
    Self-reported race
        Black3.76 (1.09–12.97).04
        Hispanic2.87 (0.77–10.66).12
        Other2.71 (0.66–11.10).17
    African ancestry1.19 (1.07–1.32).001
  • All regression analyses were based on polytomous regression with outcome categories of 0, 1 or 2, or ≥3. Ancestry was expressed in 10% increments. The models included potential confounders considered on the basis of literature reports (maternal atopy, cesarean section, firstborn status, and exclusive breastfeeding), irrespective of significance, and variables found to be potential confounders of the association of race with any food sensitization in our data (prenatal smoke exposure and maternal postnatal smoking).