Adjusted Relationships Between Household Smoking and Absenteeism

No. of Residents Who Smoke in the HomeAny Days Missed, No Injury/Poison, aOR (95% CI)aTSE-Attributable Days Missed Among Children in Smoking Households, d (95% CI)TSE-Attributable Percentage of Days (95% CI) Missed Among Children in Smoking Households
11.68 (1.20–2.34)b1.06 (0.54–1.55)b24 (14–32)b
≥20.94 (0.89–1.00)1.54 (0.95–2.12)b34 (24–43)b
  • Values were adjusted for parent education, income, number of children in the home, single mother, other single parent, child race/ethnicity, child age, and census region.

  • a The reference is 0 residents.

  • b P < .05.