CSHCNs in Fourth Through Sixth Grade by Sociodemographics and Disordersa

CharacteristicPresence of an SHCN, %SHCN Profile Types, %
NoneMedication OnlyFunctional Limitation, Any CombinationEmotional or Behavioral ServicesOther
School district, %
    Dorchester County, MD32.267.812.56.710.52.6
    Caroline County, MD33.366.712.
    Wayne County, WV34.165.913.
Race, %
Maternal educational attainment, %
    Did not graduate college33.966.110.37.713.52.4
    Graduated college33.166.914.
Annual family income, %
    <$20 00042.357.710.98.320.42.6
    $20 000 to $39 99937.762.314.810.48.63.9
    $40 000 to $79 99928.571.511.
    ≥$80 00028.2b71.814.13.9b5.5b4.7
Physician-diagnosed disorders expected to last longer than 12 months
    Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder91.6b8.421.7b15.7b47.0b7.2b
    Learning disability80.0b20.011.1c30.0b31.1b7.8b
    Speech problem63.2b36.87.926.3b18.4c10.5b
  • a Significance testing was done using the χ2 statistic. For the CSHCN profile type analyses, the “none” category was the reference group.

  • Statistically significant associations at bP < .001 and cP < .01 are shown in bold.