Children in Fourth Through Sixth Grade by Sociodemographics and SHCN Variables

Total Sample, %, n = 1457
School district, %
    Dorchester County, MD28.2
    Caroline County, MD38.9
    Wayne County, WV32.9
Race, %
Maternal educational attainment, %
    Did not graduate college36.2
    Graduated college63.8
Annual family income, %
    <$20 00019.1
    $20 000 to $39 99924.6
    $40 000 to $79 99938.5
    ≥$80 00017.7
Presence of an SHCN33.3
Type of SHCN-qualifying indicatorb
    Use of prescription medications27.3
    Above-average use of medical, mental health, or educational services13.3a
    Functional limitations6.6
    Use of physical, occupational, or speech therapy2.9
    Use of emotional, behavioral, or developmental treatment or counseling services13.3a
Number of SHCN-qualifying indicators
    0 qualifying indicator66.7
    1 qualifying indicator16.1
    2 qualifying indicators7.4
    3 qualifying indicators6.8
    4 qualifying indicators2.5
    5 qualifying indicators0.4
CSHCN profile types
    Functional limitation (alone or in combination with others)6.6
    Prescription medications only12.8
    Emotional, developmental, or behavioral services (any combination except co-occurrence with functional limitations)10.6
Chronic conditionsb
    Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder11.9
    Learning disability6.7
    Speech problem2.7
  • a Although these 2 proportions are the same, the groups comprising them are different.

  • b Categories are not mutually exclusive.