CISA Network Initiative

    Design and conduct research of immunization-associated adverse events and individual variation
    Supply providers and the public with evidence-based algorithms when considering vaccination of those at risk for AEFI
    Study the pathophysiologic basis of AEFI by using hypothesis-driven protocols
    Study risk factors associated with developing an AEFI by using hypothesis-driven protocols including genetic host risk factors
    Provide clinicians with evidence-based algorithms when evaluating AEFI
    Provide clinicians with evidence-based vaccination or revaccination algorithms
    Develop clinical protocols for the evaluation and management of AEFI
    Evaluate patients with similar AEFI by using a standard protocol and assess genetic or other risk factors that may predispose groups at high risk to specific AEFI
    Provide immunization algorithms and clinical management protocol for patients at high risk
    Serve as subject-matter experts for clinical vaccine-safety inquiries