Completeness of Critical Variables Reported to VAERS, March 25, 2002, to March 25, 2006

Variable% IBRs% NIBRsRatio of Proportions95% CI
Smallpox vaccine report, N910159 309
    Vaccination date98.691.51.081.07–1.08
    Birth date98.–1.18
    AE-onset date95.986.51.101.10–1.11
Non-smallpox vaccine report, N764657 881
    Vaccination date98.891.51.081.07–1.08
    Birth date98.683.51.181.18–1.19
    AE-onset date96.–1.12
Smallpox vaccine only report, N14551428
    Vaccination date97.893.91.041.02–1.05
    Birth date96.–1.02
    AE-onset date95.–1.01
  • a Three IBRs did not indicate the vaccine recipient's age.