Tobacco Use Among Smokers

Level of SmokingSmoking Status, n (%)
Ever Smokers (n = 2265)Current Smokersa (n = 681)
Smoked once or twice1277 (56.4%)NA
Used to smoke regularly but quit307 (13.6)NA
Smoke at least once per month126 (5.6%)126 (18.5%)
Smoke at least once per week67 (3.0%)67 (9.8%)
Smoke 1–6 cigarettes per week127 (5.6%)127 (18.6%)
Smoke at least 1 cigarette daily361 (15.9%)361 (53.0%)
  • NA indicates not applicable.

  • a Current smokers are subsumed in the ever-smoker category and are defined as at least monthly smokers.