Sample Characteristics According to Fathers' Depression Status (N = 1746)

Total Sample (N = 1746)Father Depressed (N = 128)Father Not Depressed (N = 1618)P
Father's age, mean (SE), y31.8 (0.3)32.7 (1.4)31.7 (0.4).54
Father's race and ethnicity, %
    Non-Hispanic white414441.28
    Non-Hispanic black213120
Household income, percentage of federal poverty level, %
Father's educational level, %
    Less than high school231723.15
    High school or equivalent274426
    Some college or more503951
Father employed, %906992<.01
Father married to child's mother, %746675.24
Child gender, female, %476245.13
Father with substance abuse, %7206.01
Father talked to child's doctor in the previous year (N = 1654), %a827782.59
  • a This question was not asked if the father had sole custody of the child (excluded 92 fathers of the total sample).