Characteristics of Sports Drinks, Vitamin Drinks, and Energy Drinks1,4,8,14,37,115,117

Sports DrinksEnhanced/Fortified Vitamin WatersEnergy Drinks
Common brand namesGatorade; PoweradeGlacéau Vitamin Water; SoBe Lifewater; Dasani PlusRed Bull, Full Throttle, Monster Energy, Rockstar
Advertised purposeTo rehydrate the body after intense exercise for ≥1 hBroad claims that range from improving endurance to strengthening immune defense to relaxationTo rapidly increase energy, endurance, and performance
IngredientsGlucose, electrolytesWater, vitamins, nutrients, sometimes sweeteners; no stimulantsCaffeine, sugar, herbal supplements, other substances (eg, taurine, glucuronolactone)
EffectsReplaces lost electrolytes and carbohydrates during sustained strenuous exercise; prevents dehydrationPrevents dehydration; may replace some nutrients; other than the caloric sweeteners, the contents are unlikely to present health risks, and there is no published evidence of benefitTemporarily increases heart and respiratory rates and blood pressure; not designed to hydrate the body