Encounters According to Services Provided and Provider Type From July 1, 2005, to December 31, 2008 (Encounters, N = 35 335; Patients, N = 10 114)

Provider TypeNo. of EncountersTelephone Consult EncountersFace-to-Face EncountersCare-Coordination Encounters With ProvidersaCare-Coordination Encounters With FamiliesOther
Psychotherapist13 28836932537b48431608606
Child psychiatrist11 16963702517676750856
Care coordinator61731236031301000807
Grand total35 33514 1745019905235272563
  • a May include assistance with early intervention, special education, partial hospitalization, short-term residential programs, and referrals to local behavioral health resources.

  • b Of the encounters, 1243 were face-to-face without therapy; 1294 encounters included interim therapy.