MCPAP PCC Enrollment and Utilization Data

Time PeriodCumulative No. of MCPAP-Enrolled PracticesNo. of MCPAP EncountersaEncountersa Per Enrolled PracticeNo. of PCCs Enrolled% of Enrolled Practices That Used the MCPAPMaximum No. of Encountersa Per Practice
Q1, FY 2008 (7/1/2007–9/30/2007)27823268114063112
Q2, FY 2008 (10/1/2007–12/31/2007)290326111117071200
Q3, FY 2008 (1/1/2008–3/31/2008)314423113121172209
Q4, FY 2008 (4/1/2008–6/30/2008)331448614123774215
Q1, FY 2009 (7/1/2008–9/30/2008)339374411125167214
Q2, FY 2009 (10/1/2008–12/31/2008)353505814134169245
  • Q indicates quarter; FY, fiscal year.

  • a Includes encounters for all activities including telephone, face-to-face, and care coordination.