Levels of Care for NICUs and Pediatric Trauma Centers

Levels of pediatric trauma care9
    IRegional resource trauma center
    IITrauma center, may not be able to provide comprehensive care for the most severely injured patients
    IIIHospital provides assessment, resuscitation, emergency operations, and stabilization of patients before transfer to a facility that provides definitive trauma care
    IVFacility provides advanced trauma life support before patient transfer
Levels of NICUs10
    IBasic neonatal care available
    IISpecialty neonatal care available, primarily for those ≥1500 g at birth
    IIISubspecialty neonatal care available
    IIIAHospital or state-mandated restriction on type and/or duration of mechanical ventilation
    IIIBNo restriction on mechanical ventilation; no major surgery
    IIICAll surgeries except congenital heart disease repair and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
    IIIDAll surgeries