Nutritional Composition of Infant Formulas

Typical ValuesPer 100 mL as Fed
Protein, g1.5
    Whey protein, g0.9
    Casein protein, g0.6
Carbohydrate (lactose), g7.0
Fat, g3.8
    Linoleic acid, mg350
    α-Linolenic acid, mg44
    γ-Linolenic acid, mg33
    Long-chain polyunsaturated fats, mg26
Calcium, mg39
Chloride, mg40
Copper, μg42
Iodine, μg4.5
Iron, mg0.6
Magnesium, mg5.2
Manganese, μg3.4
Phosphorus, mg27
Potassium, mg57
Sodium, mg17
Zinc, mg0.3
Vitamin A, μg100
Thiamin, μg42
Riboflavin, μg55
Vitamin B8, μg35
Vitamin B12, μg0.1
Biotin, μg1.0
Folic acid, μg3.4
Niacin, mg0.7
Pantothenic acid, mg0.2
Vitamin C, mg6.9
Vitamin D, μg1.0
Vitamin E, mg0.5
Vitamin K, μg2.7
Choline, mg4.8
Taurine, mg5.0
  • Nucleotide composition of nucleotide-supplemented formula: cytidine monophosphate, 15 mg/L; uridine monophosphate, 5 mg/L; adenosine monophosphate, 6 mg/L; guanosine monophosphate, 2 mg/L; and inosine monophosphate, 3 mg/L. Measurable nucleotide in control formula: cytidine monophosphate, 3 mg/L.