Sample Performance Measures for Pediatric Emergency Care

System based
 Patient triageMeasurement of wt in kilograms for pediatric patients; method to identify age-based abnormal pediatric vital signs
 Infrastructure and personnelPresence of all recommended pediatric equipment in the ED; presence of physician and nurse coordinators for pediatric emergency care
 Patient-centered carePatient and/or caregiver understanding of discharge instructions
 ED flowDoor-to-provider time; total length of stay
 Pain managementPain assessment and reassessment for children with acute fractures
 Quality and safetyNumber of return visits within 48 h resulting in hospitalization; medication error rates
Disease specific
 TraumaUse of head computed tomography in children with minor head trauma; protocol for suspected child maltreatment
 Respiratory diseasesAdministration of systemic steroids for pediatric asthma exacerbations; use of an evidence-based guideline to manage bronchiolitis
 Infectious diseasesUse of antibiotics in children with suspected viral illness
  • Based on the work of Alessandrini E, Varadarajan K, Alpern ER, et al. Emergency department quality: an analysis of existing pediatric measures. Acad Emerg Med. 2011;18(5):519–526.