Prevalence of GAS Infection Among Children Presenting With Sore Throat

SourceAge Range, yNSettingCountryPrevalence (%)
All ages
    Romoin et al,15 20055–12916ClinicEgypt/Croatia/Brazil33
    McIsaac et al,16 20043–17454ClinicCanada34
    McIsaac et al,17 20003–14158ClinicCanada35
    de Silva et al,18 19983–12137ClinicSri Lanka45
    McIsaac et al,19 19983–1494ClinicCanada36
    Gunnarsson et al,11 19973–15106ClinicSweden34
    Dobbs et al,20 19964–1186ClinicIreland48
    Dagnelie et al,21 19934–1480ClinicNetherlands58
    Pichichero et al,22 1992<1865 463ClinicUnited States23
    Hoffman et al,23 1992≤14466ClinicDenmark42
    Reed et al,24 1990<19375EDUnited States33
    Reed et al,25 19882–12136ClinicUnited States32
    Feery et al,26 19766–1647ClinicAustralia45
    Forsyth et al,27 1975≤14213ClinicUnited States31
    Pooled prevalence (95% CI)37 (32–43)
Younger than 5 y
    Romoin et al,15 20052–5894ClinicEgypt/Croatia/Brazil24
    Gunnarsson et al,11 19970–240ClinicSweden18
    Feery et al,26 19760–530ClinicAustralia17
    Pooled prevalence (95% CI)24 (21–26)
  • ED indicates emergency department.