Sociodemographic Characteristics of Participants (N = 265)

Age, mean ± SD, y40.6 ± 8.1
Female, %56
Race/ethnicity, %
    Asian/Pacific Islander12
Time since residency completion, %a
    <5 y34
    5–10 y20
    10–15 y19
    ≥15 y26
Current hospital practice environment, %
    Community hospital with limited pediatric subspecialty servicesb48
    Community hospital with significant pediatric subspecialty services18
    Freestanding children's hospital25
    Children's hospital within hospital9
Practice in academic environmentc78
Hospitalist service chief/director36
Training director21
Division chief/department chair17
Setting where responsible for patient care as primary attending physician, %d
    General pediatric inpatient wards98
    Step-down or intermediate care unit44
    Healthy newborn nursery38
    Subspecialty inpatient wards33
    Second-opinion clinic/diagnostic or referral center24
    Emergency department22
    Delivery room19
    Urgent care unit13
    Primary care clinic11
  • a Total does not sum to 100% because of rounding.

  • b Community hospital was defined as any hospital that was not a freestanding children's hospital or children's hospital within a hospital.

  • c Academic was defined as a site where trainees provided direct patient care.

  • d Total exceeds 100% because respondents could choose >1 option.