Multivariable Model of Factors Associated With Number of Treatments With Epinephrine Among Children Who Presented to the ED With Food-Related Anaphylaxis

Odds Ratio95% CIP
Age group
    <5 y1.0 (reference)
    5–10 y1.70.5–5.7.39
    >10 y3.91.4–11.0.01
Patient owns EpiPen1.60.6–4.0.36
Outside hospital location immediately before ED arrival5.31.9–15.2.002
  • Anaphylaxis was defined as an allergic reaction involving ≥2 organ systems or hypotension. Hypotension was defined as systolic blood pressure of less than (70 + [age ×2]) for children younger than 10 years and systolic blood pressure of <90 mm Hg for children aged 10 to 18 years.