BPCIS Items (Parent Report Version)45

ItemResponse Options
1. I play with my child and show him or her things about toys.Not very oftenSometimesOften
2. I hug and kiss my child.Not very oftenSometimesOften
3. I mostly talk to my child when he is crying.Not very trueSometimes trueMostly true
4. I help my child learn by talking and showing him or her new things.Not very trueSometimes trueMostly true
5. I look at or read children's books to my child.aNot very oftenSometimesOften
6. My child does not calm down or seem very interested when I talk to him.Mostly trueSometimes trueNot very true
7. I make up games or songs for my child.Not very oftenSometimesOften
8. When my child looks at or touches a toy, I talk to him about the toy.Not very oftenSometimesMost of the time
9. When my child is looking at me, I talk or make sounds with him.Not very oftenSometimesOften
10. My child doesn't seem to like me.Mostly trueSometimes trueNot very true
11. I enjoy feeding my child or eating with him.Not very oftenSometimesOften
12. I talk to my child in a special way.Not very oftenSometimesOften
13. My child is not very much fun to be with.Mostly trueSometimes trueNot very true
14. I can make my child feel better when he or she is upset.Not very oftenSometimesOften
15. When my child looks at or touches something, the first thing I say is “no.”Mostly trueSometimes trueNot very true
16. Most of the time I like my child.Not very trueSometimes trueMostly true
17. My child does not need my help learning new things.Mostly trueSometimes trueNot very true
18. I talk with my child when feeding or eating with him or her.Not very oftenSometimesMost of the time
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  • a Combined with examiner report to create an indicator of book-sharing.