BPCIS Statements Associated With Parent Interaction Styles and Language Development

BPCIS ItemEngendersSource
I help my child learn by talking and showing him or her new things.ResponsivityHart and Risely9
EfficacyYoder et al12
Guidance styleDunst et al13
I talk to my child in a special way.Reciprocity
Endearments/guidance styleHart and Risely9
My child is fun to be with.Emotional attachmentMacDonald35
I can make my child feel better when he or she is upset.EfficacyDunst et al13
FeedbackHart and Risely9
I talk with my child when feeding or eatingSocial responsivenessHart and Risely9
    with him or her.Yoder et al12
My child is not very much fun to be with.ReciprocityDunst et al13
My child does not seem to calm down or seem very interested when I talk to him or her.EfficacyDunst et al13