Mean Scores on Attitudes and Factor Analysis (N = 677)

Attitude/Question1 = Strongly Disagree, 5 = Strongly Agree, Mean (SD)Factor 1, Self-efficacy, MeanFactor 2, Reimbursement, MeanFactor 3, Resources, Mean
There is little pediatricians can do to treat/manage overweight.0.694
How effective is your counseling on overweight management? (4-point scale)2.36 (0.69)−0.691
How effective is your counseling on prevention of obesity? (4-point scale)2.36 (0.69)−0.687
Pediatricians can help prevent childhood overweight.3.97 (0.94)−0.645
There are effective means of treating overweight.3.06 (1.10)−0.579
I don't think screening will make a difference.2.10 (1.10)0.587
There is no evidence physicians can prevent overweight.2.58 (0.95)0.561
How prepared to counsel about overweight? (4-point scale)3.18 (0.61)−0.568
There are good treatment options for overweight.2.57 (1.20)−0.555
Weight-management programs are not covered by insurance.3.94 (1.00)0.702
Dietitian services are not covered by insurance.3.65 (1.10)0.670
Many patients are not able to pay for uncovered services.4.25 (0.99)0.505
Insufficient reimbursement for counseling.3.74 (1.20)0.481
Time constraints make screening difficult.2.35 (1.20)0.603
There are lack of tools to assist with BMI calculations.2.08 (1.20)0.564
I have staff support for screening.3.19 (1.30)−0.505
I am unfamiliar with BMI recommendations.2.01 (1.20)0.448
Percentage of variance explained by factor.15.925.655.18