Child-Reported Sexual Activity Stage Typically Concurrent With Parent-Reported and Child-Reported First Discussion of Topics, According to Child Gender

TopicCategorySexual Activity With Which Talk Topic Typically Coincides
Parent Reported TalksChildren Reported TalksParent Reported TalksChildren Reported Talks
During presexual stage
    What qualities are important in choosing close friendsSex in relationshipsPre-kissPre-kissPre-kissPre-kiss
    Homosexuality/people being gaySex in relationshipsPre-kissBreastPre-kissKiss
    How boys' bodies change physically as they grow upMale physical developmentPre-kissKissBreastTouch
    How women get pregnant and have babiesFemale physical developmentPre-kissKissPre-kissKiss
    Consequences of getting pregnant/getting someone pregnantMaking healthy decisionsKissKissPre-kissKiss
    Reasons why your child should not have sexSex in relationshipsKissKissKissKiss
    How girls' bodies change physically as they grow upFemale physical developmentKissBreastPre-kissKiss
    How your child will make decisions about whether to have sexSex in relationshipsKissKissKissBreast
    Menstruation (having menstrual periods)Female physical developmentKissBreastPre-kissPre-kiss
During precoital stage
    How people can prevent getting STDsSTDs and pregnancy preventionBreastBreastBreastTouch
    How well condoms can prevent STDsSTDs and pregnancy preventionBreastTouchTouchTouch
    How to ask someone out on a dateSex in relationshipsBreastTouchOralSex
    How well birth control can prevent pregnancySTDs and pregnancy preventionBreastTouchBreastTouch
    How your child will know whether he or she is in loveSex in relationshipsTouchBreastBreastTouch
    MasturbationMale physical developmentOralNAOralNA
    The importance of not pressuring other people to have sexMaking healthy decisionsOralBreastTouchTouch
    Wet dreamsMale physical developmentOralOralPost-sexNA
    Reasons why people like to have sexMaking healthy decisionsOralTouchOralTouch
    How to say no if someone wants to have sex and your child doesn't want toMaking healthy decisionsOralTouchBreastTouch
During coital stage
    What it feels like to have sexSex in relationshipsSexPost-sexOralSex
    Symptoms of STDsSTDs and pregnancy preventionSexTouchOralTouch
    How to use a condomSTDs and pregnancy preventionSexPost-sexSexPost-sex
    How to choose a method of birth controlSTDs and pregnancy preventionSexPost-sexOralOral
    What to do if a partner doesn't want to use a condomMaking healthy decisionsPost-sexSexOralOral
  • Table entries are the stage of sexual activity for which the absolute difference between talk before and talk after is smallest. “Pre-kiss” indicates that talk before exceeds talk after by at least 25% even for the kiss stage. “Post-sex” indicates that talk after exceeds talk before by at least 25% even for the coital stage. Pre-kiss indicates talk typically occurred before having kissed on mouth; kiss, talk typically occurred around first kiss on mouth; breast, talk typically occurred around first touching a breast/having breast touched; touch, talk typically occurred around first touching genitals/having genitals touched; oral, talk typically occurred around first giving or receiving oral sex; sex, talk typically occurred around first vaginal intercourse; post-sex, talk typically occurred after first vaginal intercourse or had not occurred.